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  European Prize for Applied Arts

  78 makers from 18 countries 

  Friday 23 October 2015: opening ceremony and Prize awarding
  Master Prize and Young Talent Prize and Mons 2015 Prize
  At the Grand Hall of the "Anciens Abattoirs" of Mons

  Exhibition from 24 October 2015 until 10 January 2O16
  Tous les jours sauf le lundi, de 10.00 à 18.00

  Open to all public - Tickets 6€/4€





  Omnia Vanitas

  Works from European makers around the theme of the vanities

  Friday 23 October 2015

  • At the Gallery of WCC-BF, The "Anciens Abattoirs" of Mons, Opening at 19.00
    Exhibition from 24 October 2015 until 10 January 2016
  • At the Gallery Koma, rue des Gades, 4 Mons (in front of the Belfry), Opening at 18.00
    Exhibition from 24 October until 20 December 2015


  Open to all public - Free entrance



  Une certaine idée de la céramique belge

  Contemporary Ceramics from Belgium

  Friday 23 October 2015: opening

  At La Piscine, Musée of Art and Industry André Diligent, Roubaix (France)
  Exhibition from 24 October 2015 until 30 January 2O16

  Open to all public - Tickets 6€/4€


































Applications with statement about why you wish to attend and 2 or 3 photographs of your own work.  To be sent to the WCC-BF : by 10 September The applications shall be selected by the organisers together with the workshop leader.



Jewellery led by David Bielander (D)

20 -> 23 October 2015
At the Institut de la Parure et de la Bijouterie Jeanne Toussaint, Brussels, Belgium
4 days
Including lunches and basic material
Registration fee: 450€

Why make jewellery when you can make real art?

In this workshop we will:
- work to understand the potential of the participants and their specific interests
- work to understand the specificicity of the dicipline of jewellery
- use as a starting point the most current work of the participants as a point of departure
- push each individuals potential to produce authentic jewellery on a practical and theoretical level
- debate about what the individual participant really wants to express with their  work.

Max. 12 participants

English with French translation by the assistant

Applications with statement about why you wish to attend and 2 or 3 photographs of your own work.  To be sent to the WCC-BF : by 15 September 



Ceramics Led by Alexandra Engelfriet (NL)

20->23  October 201
At BE!CERAMICS, Russeignies, Belgium
4 days
Including lunches and basic material
Registration fee: 450€

Working with raw clay

Alexandra Engelfriet will engage the participants in a process that is based on her own practice, one which employs direct physical interaction with vast quantities of clay, to move them away from an object-oriented approach, opening them up to a purely sensuous experience of the material. Awareness of clay as primordial matter, which is animated by all kinds of forces, is at the heart of the processes one engages in during the workshop. Collaboration will be important, working together, often in rhythmical patterns, slowly building up a field of energy.

Max. 10  participants
English and Dutch with possibility of French translation by the assistant

Applications with statement about why you wish to attend and 2 or 3 photographs of your own work.  To be sent to the WCC-BF : by 15 September 2015. 

This master class takes place at BE!CERAMICS. The participants are advised to have accommodation at the guest-house located on the same place as the workshop, which is more convenient for the working sequences.
The workshop:
The guest-house:
Further information about the master class and boarding :



Glass Led by Philippa Beveridge (UK/ES)


19 ->23 October 2015
At the workshop of the Glass Museum of Sars-Poteries, France.
5 days
Including lunches and basic material
Registration fee: 640€


Printing Techniques for Glass.

From linoleum cuts to decals, the course will cover surface decoration and printing techniques using both mediums, as well as kiln-forming techniques from fusing and slumping to basic mould-making.

Max. 12 participants.

English with French translation by the assistant

Applications with statement about why you wish to attend and 2 or 3 photographs of your own work.  To be sent to the WCC-BF : by 15 September 2015. 



Glass Led by Yi Peng (CN)

20 -> 23 October 2015
At the Glass Museum of Charleroi, Belgium
4 days
Including lunches and basic material
Registration fee: 450€

‘Glass Knitting ‘

Using glass rod knitting to glass sculpture
- Free line knitting technique
- Framework style knitting technique
- Making a piece of lampworkingartwork by usingglass knitting technique.

Max. 10 partricipants.

English with French translation by the assistant

Applications with statement about why you wish to attend and 2 or 3 photographs of your own work.  To be sent to the WCC-BF : by 15 September 2015. 





24 october 2015 - 10.00 -> 18.00 et 25 october 2015 - 09.30 -> 13.30

At the MICX, Mons International Congress Center

Crafts and Technology: experience and evaluation
Makers, critics, philosophers will share their views about how to consider the "new technologies" in the field of crafts.


first glimpse on some of the speakers :


Vlad Ionescu– lecturer and moderator.

Vlad Ionescu is a researcher in the domain of art theory and aesthetics associated to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning of the University of Ghent. Having studied linguistics in Romania and philosophy in Belgium, he defended his doctoral thesis on the German art history at the fin-de-siècle. He has also published on the contemporary philosophy of art and aesthetics. 

Artisans, Artists and the problem of style.  Applied Arts between practise and Art History.The current presentation addresses two problems: firstly, the place of craftsmanship in the modern history of art. Even though most of the artists present here are interested in the practical questions concerning the new technologies of making artefacts, a short overview of the modern art history reveals that applied arts played a central role in modern art history. Besides the fact that historians like Aloïs Riegl and Wilhelm Worringer placed the non-figurative and ornamental arts at the core of the notion of artistic styles, they also distinguishing between technology and (applied) arts. Secondly, this presentation is concerned with the current anthropological and cultural status of craftsmanship in an age where technological reproduction has penetrated almost all cultural domains, from visual arts to artistry. The hypothesis that we defend is that liberal arts and applied art are not two separate categories with different types of objects but two different sides  of a broader understanding of artistic creation as an organic process including different values: values of from, material values, iconography and ornament. 


Annie Warburton

Annie Warburton is Creative Director at the Crafts Council, where she oversees the creative direction of exhibitions, innovation projects, learning and talent development, research and UK and international fairs. Annie started her career at the Crafts Council of Ireland and went on to work for a US publisher and launch a digital start up in Dublin.  She was CEO at ArtsMatrix and Head of Partnerships at Creative Skillset.  Annie read economics and philosophy at the University of Cambridge. She is a Fellow of the RSA and an Associate of Newnham College, Cambridge

Digital Handmade: Coming of Age?
A critical overview of the relationships between craft and technology.   Using examples from the Crafts Council’s innovation programme and beyond, the talk will consider: Is the digital handmade coming of age, or are we waking up after the hype?  How are new technologies transforming craft?  How are craft techniques transforming how we use new technologies?  What aesthetic, social, cultural and economic questions are provoked by the technological shifts in craft?

David Huycke

David Huycke is full time associate professor at the PXL-MAD University College, Hasselt and at the Faculty of Architecture and Arts of the Hasselt University. He studied jewellery-design and silversmithing at the Sint-Lucas University College in Antwerp, and graduated in 1989. Since 1993 he works as an independent artist in the field of the sculptural art-object. His work is shown in galleries and museums worldwide, and can be seen in several permanent collections. In 2010 he acquired his Ph.D. in Arts from the Hasselt University and the KU Leuven.

The Moment of Truth: Structural Granulation.
The lecture of the Belgian object artist will present his finished PhD project ‘The Metamorphic Ornament: Re Thinking Granulation’ (2010) where the contemporary relevance of the ancient goldsmiths technique of granulation is explored. More specific the possibilities on structural granulation and methods on how a technique can reach beyond the technical applications towards a more abstract and poetic dimension will be discussed. 


Jonathan Keep (UK)

Jonathan Keep is calling himself artist potter.  He was born and grew up in South Africa, obtaining a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from the University of Natal in 1979. In 1986 he moved to England and settled in Suffolk where he continues to live and has a studio at his home in Knodishall, Suffolk. In 2002 Jonathan received a MA from the Royal College of Art, and his postgraduate show was awarded overall prize-winner of the Lattice Group Awards and he was awarded a Woo Foundation Graduate Arts Bursary. He has undertaken artist residencies and exhibited widely in the UK and abroad.

He is a leading exponent of studio based ceramic 3D printing and in the last twelve months has been invited to lecture and workshop in 12 different countries.

New tools in the toolbox
Having made use of so called ‘New Technology’ for over 15 years my lecture proposes to look at when ‘New’ just becomes part of tradition.
In the belief that any honest creative endeavour should reflect the time in which it is produced it is inevitable that the technologies brought on by the digital age are going to become the everyday.  These technologies are now ubiquitous in our everyday lives and so why not in our art. I will seek to avoid the over complicated language and hype that often make the use of new technologies seem mysterious and to illustrate how what is on offer are just ‘new tools’ in the studio toolbox that offer ‘new ways of working’ – what is important is what you do with them.


Bradley Quinn (UK)

Bradley Quinn is an expert on emerging technology who works for fashion labels and sportswear brands. Based in London, Bradley is also an internationally renowned author who has written 15 books, many of them about wearable technology, advanced materials and emerging trends. He is currently establishing an institute for wearable technology research.  

TECHNONATURALS , Science, Technology, Sustainability and Craft - A New Future for Fashion andTextiles  
Organically-grown fibres may seem to be the ultimate in sustainability right now, but a new vision for future fashion and textiles is challenging how we think about consumption and waste. Bradley Quinn will introduce a new generation of sustainable textiles developed by researchers and scientists active in the fields of biotech, synthetic biology, nanotech and wearable technology. In future, designers may be required to create fabrics that can be programmed like computers, or even made with integrated power sources.  Some types of fibres will be manipulated at the molecular level to create new types of performances, while entire textiles will be grown organically and harvested like crops. As insights into the technologies changing the industry emerge, a future that may seem out of reach right now will be made relevant to textile design today.

Emmi Maijanen

Emmi Maijanen is lecturer and hands-on researcher in interdisciplinary projects in Saimaa University of Applied Sciences (SUAS). Currently she is working on co-project with Lappeenranta University of Technology researching co-operation and working processes in an art residency combining art and laser technology. Often her work somehow relates to crossing borders between different fields of study. Her educational background is in Aalto University, where she has master’s degree in also interdisciplinary Information Networks program. Previously, she has worked in Aalto University researching sharing economies in living labs and in SUAS with project about digital jewelry.

Goal-oriented non-linearity: Experiences from laser-art-residence
This presentation shares experiences of two-year research project called LARES that aims for finding out new ideas for value creation processes in organization. Project tries to tackle the challenge by bringing international and well-known artists and Finnish laser technology experts together in a laser-art-residence in Lappeenranta. In this talk I will focus on how laser technology (eg. cutting, marking, scribing, 3D scanning and printing…) can be used for producing art and furthermore co-operation of technical experts and artists. One important aspect is working processes related to usage of technology that requires also assistance from technical expert. 

Simultaneous translation : French-English-Dutch

For registered participants only




26 october 2015  - 9.30 -> 15.30

At the MICX, Mons International Congress Center

In English (without translation)

For WCC-Europe members and observers only





26 october 2015 – 9.30 -> 12.30

Start from the Tourism Office at the Market Place, visit of the BAM, the Belfry,  the Mundaneum,and some old areas of the city

Guided tour in French and in English

For participants to the summit and exhibitors only 




26 october 2015 - 16.00 -> 19.00

At La Louvière (About 22 km from Mons)


For participants to the summit and exhibitors only 




27 octobre 2015 9.30 – 21.00

- The Mac's (Contemporary art museum) and the CID (Center for Innovation and Design) at Grand-Hornu (BE)

- La Piscine, Museum of Art and Industry at Roubaix (FR)

- The LaM and some other places from the Lille 3000 event (FR)

Lunch and dinner included


For participants to the summit and exhibitors only 




25 october - 15.00 -> 20.00

At the Plaza Art

A best-off from the International Film Festival about Crafts, by Ateliers d'Art de France

Full programme will be published later

Open to all public 

PROGRAMMATION 25 OCTOBER -  15.00 -> 20.00

. The Blessed factory - VOSTF

Rod Morris & Matthew Durran, Grande-Bretagne, 2012, 21'

In 2006 and 2007, film maker Rod Morris and glass artist Matthew Durran travelled to the heart of old Russia to attend an international glass symposium. The event took place at the historic centre of soviet glass in Gus Khrustalny. This film is a record of that journey.

. Malformance Performance - MUET
Tomislav Gregl, Croatie, 2007, 3'49''

A sculptor is toying with these pictures of evil, until the evil breaks out of control…

. Pottery an dragon kiln -  MUET
Jiansheng li, Chine, 2007, 22'20''

Located eighty kilometres North of Yellow Mountain, Tao Yao (in Chinese means pottery and dragon kiln) village pottery making can be traced back to Tang dynasty (nine century AD). Hand building large pots, firing is a long dragon kiln has being one of the most unique tradition existing in this area for over 1000 years. Today, this group of potters is a last generation left and they are still working and living with old tradition.

. The successor of Kakiemon - VOstENG (VO japan)
Suzanne Raes, Pays-Bas, 2012, 49'

How does one take over a company that is 4 centuries old and has been run by one's father, his father's father and so on. Here is the unique story of such a time capsule where we witness how a modern-day Japanese family that has transformed everyday pottery into the world famous mythical Kakiemon porcelain and preserves its traditions, now passes on the leadership to their only son. Is he up to the task that lies ahead? What's at stake if this successor does not succeed?

. La marmite  -  MUET
Camille Virot, France, 2013, 20'

How to make a cooking pot out of repurposed aluminium with the Bamako blacksmiths. Capturing an action in its entirety, carried by the right movement, specific knowledge, a collective spirit: thanks to a pre-established scenario, the camera's eyes, fascinated by so much physical concentration, simply needs to dive into it serenely.

. River of Words - VO ENG
Helen Miller, Grande-Bretagne, 2003, 11'30'

Rupert Spira  is one of Britain’s  finest studio potters. The film takes its titles from one of his tall bowls inscribed with a long, meditative poem. Made over a period of six months at Rupert Spira’s home in Shropshire, “River of words” is a contemplative film, giving a glimpse into Rupert’s daily working practice.

. Glass india - VO ENG
Norman Faulkner et Marie De Roy, Canada, 1998, 29'

Glass India is a documentary of the glass blowing industry i India. The video focuses on the Om Glass Factory in Firozabad, India (a town about two hours by bus from Agra, the site of the Taj Mahal). The video documents three areas of the glass industry: the making of colored glass at Prince Glass factor; the operations of Om Glass factory: charging furnaces, the blowing floor, bangle making, bench working, finishing methods. The annealing oven and finally the distribution of glassware.

. Oh Willy - MUET
Emma de Swaef et Marc-James Roels, Belgique, 2012, 17'

After his mother’s death, Willy returns to the naturist com¬munity where he grew up. His memories make him melan¬cholic, so he decides to escape into nature, where a large furry creature takes him under its wing.

. Joan Crous, l'alchimie du verre - VO FR
Nejma Chebah, Robert Duprez et Mourit Raki, France, 2008, 11'

Cutlery, glasses, plates and the remains of a finished meal… This is the run-od-the-mill scene of a table after a dinner between guests, except everything is made entirely of glass. During his residency at the departmental glass workshop in Sars-Poteries Joan Crous carried out the extraordinary project of fossilizing, in glass, as a table after a meal. For two months, he transformed his workshop into a kitchen, methodically preparing the elements, or should we say the ingredients, that would make up his work.

. White noise, portrait de la céramiste caroline andrin - VOstENG (VO FR)
Jonas Luyckx, Belgique, 2008, 16’

Profile of the artistic exploration of Caroline Andrin, from Oxford to Brussels, via Montreal. Caroline Andrin explores the notion of white, like the "snow" that invades a television screen. Based on this concept, she puts and transforms everyday objects. The white acts as a developer.

cinéma Plaza ArtRue de Nimy 12, 7000 Mons 

Réservation by mail:
Payment this day at the cinema  (15 euros)

Ouvert à tous publics



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